Get to your wedding on time, comfortably and in style with chauffeured driven wedding cars.

Are you looking to make your wedding day the most beautiful event ever? Have you considered the best wedding cars to get you, your family and guests to the wedding? If you’re looking for the most reliable and classy wedding cars Manchester offers, no other chauffeur service can make the day as special as David Anthony Professional Chauffeur Services.

The day of your wedding is fast approaching and you’ve spent considerable amount of time and money trying to ensure that the special day goes beautifully with everything going as planned. One piece of wedding planning that is often overlooked, is the transport to the wedding ceremony, reception and off to the airport or hotel to start the honeymoon.

Hiring Wedding Cars To Get To The Church on Time and In Style

Weddings are hopefully a once in a lifetime event, and everything should go smoothly and nowhere more so than transport and the wedding cars you use for the bride, groom and key family members and friends attending the wedding.

Hiring wedding cars takes away a considerable worry and hassle factor as well as adding a significant dash of style and class. No one wants to arrive in a flagging Vectra, nor do they want to get lost, have a breakdown, struggle to find parking and the like.

This is where wedding cars come to the fore. By passing on some of the responsibility to others to get you to the church on time, as a bride, groom, father, family member or guest, you can sit back in chauffeured luxury and really start to enjoy the special wedding day. Wedding cars offer door to door service with the added feeling that you are being pampered and well cared for by chauffeurs who are not only professional but add a touch of class and etiquette to your transport.

The Most Stylish Fleet of Wedding Cars Manchester Has To Offer

The fleet of wedding cars you book should diffuse style, class and a uniqueness that makes you stand out on your special day. Using a Bentley to get to and from your wedding screams distinction, offers a smooth ride in style and will certainly make you feel special and the centre of attention. Mercedes Benz is another distinguished and prestigious marque that will make heads turn and help build your fairytale wedding.

Book the Best Wedding Cars Manchester Can Boast

If you are looking for the best wedding cars Manchester can offer then please call 0800 027 2570 to see how David Anthony Chauffeur Services can help you get to your wedding in style and on time.

Terms and Conditions

1. Arrival - Every effort will be made to ensure your vehicle arrives at the pre-arranged time.David anthony chauffeur Service Ltd is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown whilst on hire, and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The company is not responsible for delays or job termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions ( ie: unsalted, accidents etc )

2. Departure - the time of departure is the responsibility of the client. However, prior to the journey, our staff will make every effort to ensure that current road-works, delays and hitting rush hour traffic are taken into consideration when deciding on a departure time.

3. Return journeys - will be agreed in advance, or treated as a separate journey.

4. Waiting time - will be included in the price. Should the client be delayed beyond the agreed time of collection, David Anthony Chauffeurs Ltd (DACS) retain the right to charge a rate of £12.50 per half hour above the agreed fee, commencing 30 minutes after the designated collection time.

5. Liability - DACS will make every effort to deliver you to your destination on time but are unable to accept liability for any loss caused by late arrival, for any reason. Any fines unrelated to the driving, parking or route selected by the driver will be paid for by the customer.

6. Payment Method - payment may be made by credit or debit card, cash, BACS or cheque.

7. Payment Terms - in advance, unless agreed with DACS. In respect of account clients payment is required within 30 days from the date of hire. Deposits for weddings are non returnable, as in order to keep the car exclusive for the client, no other potential bookings for that day are accepted.

8. Changes - DACS reserves the right to sub contract work if necessary. All sub contractors used would provide vehicles with an equal standard of specification to those supplied by DACS.

9. Vehicle Substitution - DACS reserves the right to substitute any car in the event of breakdown prior to any booking. We will endeavour to supply a vehicle of equal quality and if this should not be possible then an adjustment to the price will be made in accordance with DACS's pricing structure. If the vehicle allocated should break down during the journey the driver will arrange for a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

10. Refusal of booking - DACS reserves the right to refuse or to terminate a booking prior to the date of the journey and will immediately refund any advanced payment or deposit. DACS reserves the right to terminate the booking during the journey if the chauffeur suspects drug, alcohol or solvent abuse or due to unacceptable behaviour and under such circumstances there will be no refund either in part or whole.

11. Smoking Policy - The vehicle in which you are travelling is classed as a place of work therefore smoking is strictly prohibited.

12. Food/Drink - the consumption of food and drink within the vehicle/s will be subject to the chauffeur's permission and the client accepts all liability for valeting costs that may be necessary as a result of soiling. All use of drugs is strictly prohibited.

13. Behaviour - the client will be held responsible for the conduct of all passengers in the vehicle at all times. The driver has the right to stop the vehicle and ask any passenger/s to leave if in his/her opinion their behaviour is unacceptable. The passengers must not distract, interfere or harass the driver in any way.

14. Passenger Numbers - the chauffeur is only authorized to carry the number of passengers that the vehicle is licensed to accommodate.

15. DACS will carry a reasonable amount of luggage. However, if the weight and/or volume is excessive, the company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of the luggage. If golf clubs/skis or any large packages are to be carried, please advise at the time of booking.

16. Vehicle Damage - the client will be held responsible for any or all damage caused by the client or their guest/s to the vehicle/s. This includes sickness, spillage, stains, and leather/fabric tears etc. but not limited to those mentioned herein.

17. Personal Loss or Damage - DACS cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property belonging to the client and/or their passenger/s, howsoever caused.

18. The vehicles depicted within our website do not necessarily reflect the vehicles operated by DACS at any one time. The nature of our business necessitates a constant change and upgrade of the vehicles operated. For up to date information regarding our current fleet please contact our offices.